• GPs told to shop patients

    Our Campaign has been in the Press over the weekend. On Friday Sir Liam Donaldson Chief Medical Officer sent an email to all GP’s asking them to send the names and addresses of all patients who had signed our Opt Out Letter and wanted to opt out of the Summary Care Record. If GP’s did […]

  • Public meeting on 29th November

    NO2ID are holding a meeting public meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 29th November 2006 from 7pm to 9pm, at Imperial College London, entitled “Civil Liberty versus the Database State”. Prof Ross Anderson will be speaking about the The Big Opt Out, and how GP’s can be persuaded to resist uploading medical records to the national database. […]

  • Summary Care Records Update

    The Summary Care Record will not include any details of any medical conditions you have. If you do not opt out, however, it will include all the medication you are taking. This means anyone can accurately work out your diagnosis from the medication – for example, Microgynon will say that a woman is on the […]

  • Opt out letter available to download

    Many thanks to Dr Paul Thornton and Dr Paul Cundy for helping draft a letter that you can now download, fill in your details, print off and send to your GP in order to opt out of having your GP records automatically uploaded to the NHS ’spine’. Consequences of Opting Out The Department of Health are […]

  • Am I too late?

    A discussion on NO2ID’s forums mentions the Scottish situation – they got uploaded last year. There was a very low-key offer to opt out and only a handful of people did. Patients are now allowed to consent, or not, to data sharing. If you consent, then your summary record goes to the hospitals and to Sir Humphrey. If you don’t, Sir Humphrey […]

  • Helen’s story

    My story begins in August 2004 when I first became aware of the national database for medical records – the NHS Care Records Service. I naively assumed that you just wrote to your local Primary Care Trust to opt out of this database. But when I contacted my local Primary Care Trust they did not […]