Am I too late?

A discussion on NO2ID’s forums mentions the Scottish situation – they got uploaded last year. There was a very low-key offer to opt out and only a handful of people did. Patients are now allowed to consent, or not, to data sharing. If you consent, then your summary record goes to the hospitals and to Sir Humphrey. If you don’t, Sir Humphrey still has it…

The worst form of ‘consent’ that one could imagine.

For the rest of the UK, best advice on how (and what) to opt out of is changing. Rapidly. The year-old FIPR and less-than-a-week-old Guardian letters, while still useful, have been superseded.

If you are going to do anything about opting out right now, then please follow FIPR’s updated advice (dated 3/11/06) re. getting your GP to ‘93c3 code’ your records. Or check out another two possible opt-outs that Ross Anderson told the Guardian about, but which didn’t make it into last week’s piece.






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